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Electric & Solar

Ensure safety of electrical installation and proper operation of other electronic devices. In our broad product range you can find all electrical components and additionally select products from our range of quality shades of various dimensions and colours. Are you interested in being independent from electrical power? Choose solar panels that can be easily installed on the outside of the vehicle and, besides other camping benefits, allow you to use all electrical devices without requiring a physical connection to the power grid. This way you no longer need to rely on electrical power sources and you can spend your days undisturbed even in remote places.

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Adapter 13-polni

10.05 €

Camera Adapter

39.72 €

Battery Li-ion

19.37 €

Battery MT-AGM 100 Ah

379.27 €

Battery MT-AGM 85 Ah

348.52 €

Battery Sun Store AGM 80 75 Ah, 75 Ah

From 287.24 €

Battery OPTIMA YTS 2.7

From 209.10 €